War is the highest form of sabotage, the most atrocious form of sabotage.  Usurers provoke wars to impose monopolies in their own interests, so that they can get the world by the throat.  Usurers provoke wars to create debts, so that they can extort the interest and rake in the profits resulting from changes in the value of monetary units.–Ezra Pound, 1944

So, just where the fuck are all you peace-loving anti-war protesters?

Oh I get it.

Your movie director, the Teleprompter Messiah-endorsed, Mr Ed Bernays

hasn’t told you useless eater extras to march.

Monkey see, monkey do, right?

What’s that you say?

“Those teabaggers and other disgusting Republicans

refuse to co-operate with the President

and so he can’t fully carry out his mandate for world peace.”

I see.

Pop another Zoloft, little boy,

and slither back into that

straightjacket home of yours.