While much of the world focuses on the Kosher Certified totally manufactured Iran “crisis”, it ignores Japan’s very real and insanely suicidal hardline nuclear program.   What the fuck does it take for you to understand Fukushima is an unprecedented ecological catastrophe?  There are reports now saying Osaka Bay is contaminated and the world’s amount of “low level radiation” increases all the time with no end in site.   Fukushima is a threat not only to Japan but to the entire world.

Japan preaches to the world, like the Yanks do with their “freedom”, about the necessity of a peaceful non-nuclear world, and yet, Houston, we have a slight contradiction.

The Japs should have understood by now that nuclear isn’t cheap, it isn’t safe, and it ain’t clean.  Just the 100,000 year-long waste issue should make anyone with functioning brain cells understand nuclear power is nuts.

Iran’s nuclear program is nuts too, and that of the Usurious Soviets, France, the UK, Russia, Pakistan, Israel, India the whole lot.  Sanctions for them all.  And let’s not forget the source of the madness, pretentious Canada and Australia, the two biggest uranium producers.

Boycott Canada and Australia!

Regime Change for the New World Order!