“Mistaken identity”, eh?

Where have I heard that one before?

Let me take the liberty of responding to the question.

Looks like a US Naval vessel.  Smells like one.  Flies an Amerikan flag.

And, oh dear, what do we have here?  Young men sunning on the deck.


Good point.  Most Amerikans can’t locate Iran on a map.  I bet many Amerikans couldn’t even locate their own precious Usurious Soviets on a map.  Your typical Japanese UN-educated CO2-despising aspartame-adoring rude mechanical ain’t much different either.  Alright, Kaori, here’s a map of Asia.  Please tell the class where Vietnam is.

Remember 9/11?

World’s busiest and most monitored airspace.

And let’s not forget DC, world’s most monitored and protected capital city

plenty of embedded surface to air missiles ready to go

Yet, what happens when 19 miracle-producing Arab cavemen pass through ICTS “security”?

If you guessed “nothing”, collect $200.