I parachuted into Drudge Report this morning and noticed a story about the crestfallen anointed one, the Teleprompter Messiah, President Soetoro. Rather than read the story about Barry blaming the media for his now less-than-holy image, I went for the comments and noticed a reader getting many hits on a “Obama Blames” search.  Just a minute ago, such a search yielded 21,600,000 results!

The so-called visionary artist, Alex Grey, crystallizes Obomba fever of three years ago with this

and here’s

acidhead, pseudo-ayahuascero, Alex, still defending his communist totalitarian savior in 2010.  Even Roger-Won’t Get Fooled Again-Daltrey drank the Jonestown-flavored Kool-Aid three years ago by saying anyone but Bush.

All of Barry’s cultists believed he would change everything for the better.  He was, after all, the new messiah, the anointed one, Mr Omnipotent, the Logos, the one residing in the universal vesica piscis, coming from the same line as Jesus Christ, Moses and Abraham.  He would single-handedly change the world for the better, with the full backing of the people of Earth.  Bush is the Devil.  Obomba is the Son of Heaven.

Now we have a significant number of the Kool-Aid Crew awakened from their trance, induced once upon a time by lies such as

If you haven’t understood now that President Soeotoro is the Zoloft-enhanced totalitarian extension of Daddy Bush, Billary Clinton, Boy Bush…, you never will get it.  That you only recently knew with religious fanaticism Obomba would change the world almost overnight by himself and now still defend him and his lies by saying the world is chaotic and there’s only so much one man can do–dammit look at his achievements will you!-you are the reason why you and your so-called country are going down the toilet into the sewer of the universe.

You keep voting for the puppet on the left and the puppet on the right, and never do you stop to look at the facts–that Hamilton has stolen your land and has made you a slave.  You don’t look at the facts because you are a fanatic, nothing more glorious than a sports fan, a New York Giants cultist, or Sharia Law-espousing walking female pillar box.

But for those of you now awakened, or at least partially so, congratulations.  It’s good to see many people castigating Barry and his fat ass.  They are, and always have been, marionettes of the real powers that be, such as the Crown family of Chicago, alpha class shareholders of General Dynamics.

Until the mass of slaves awaken from their collective coma, nothing will change in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, or anywhere else in the BIS colonized world.   The Occupy movement is only a means to let off some steam.  If it can’t identify the perpetrators of 9/11 and demand the dustification of the Federal Reserve, its journey into nescience, into the bowels of hell is just beginning.

In the meantime, let’s blame all of Barry’s problems on Barbie’s bush, Alex Jones, Fox News, the Republicans, the mass media, recalcitrant Democrats, the Bill of Rights, global warming/crime it change, Dave Duke and 21 million other culprits–anyone but yourself and the con that you are Mr Soetoro!