Distract you with minnow issues.

Over there, TEPCO, and the rest of the Dis-worshiping crime syndicate laugh and sip their cocktails.

Your radioactive golf course is your fucking problem, not TEPCO’s!  Get it?  Nuclear power is safe, clean, and, above all, very fucking cheap!!!

Mr Rumsfeld, what happened to that $2.3 trillion?

I’m too busy to worry about loose change.  We’re carrying out a false flag tomorrow in Manhattan and DC, so can you get back to me on that one later?

Mr Bernanke, what happened to that $9 trillion?

Sorry, don’t know. 

Mr Fuld, please tell us  where that $50 billion came from.

Sorry, my Blackberry doesn’t open attachments, so obviously I’m not in any position to tell you.

Mr Obomba, I thought you promised transparency, good government, a repealing of totalitarian legislation like the Patriot Act and now you sign NDAA 2012?  What’s going on?

We’re transparently tyrannical now.