Although war is “used” as an instrument of national and social policy, the fact that a society is organized for any degree for readiness for war supersedes its political and economic structure.  War itself is the basic system, within which other secondary modes of social organization conflict or conspire…Economic systems political philosophies, and corpora jures serve and extend the war system, not vice versa.–Report from Iron Mountain, Section 4

So, what has Iran done?  Even if it wants a bomb or two, what would that be compared to the real nuclear, Earth-hating terrorists, the Usurious Soviets of Amerika and the former Soviet Union?

But Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, you idiot!  We have to nuke them fuckin’ Ehrabs to Kingdom Come!

Hold your horses, Charlie!   First, we’re talking about Iranians, not Arabs.  They’re white folks, like you.  Now get me the original Ahmadinejad speech in Farsi, translate it, and prove to me you’ve done your homework, and not relied on the Israeli First New York Post.

The teleprompter marionettes doin’ all the preaching, the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, also known as Israelika, nuked themselves in Nevada 928 times, so far as the feds have admitted anyway.  Any thinking individual knows not only does the Hamiltonian meme despise Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Nicaraguans…, it also abhors the pee-on men and women who wear the Stars & Stripes uniform, ordinary law-abiding Americans and those who worked at the Test Site for the Atomic Energy Commission.  Carole Gallagher has documented the madness in her indispensable book, American Ground Zero-The Secret Nuclear War.

This same bankrupted excrescence–thank you FDR–went to the Marshall Islands, beautiful coral atolls, told the little brown fucking machines to scram, and detonated 67 of their firecrackers, one of which, Bravo, was 1000 times stronger than Little Boy.  The equivalent of 7000 Hiroshimas were detonated in the Marshalls, all in the name of peace, freedom, liberty, God, democracy, and all good things under the Sun.

I could pick on the former Soviet Union because it competes with its North American communist brothers in terms of a gold medal for insanity, but Russia today ain’t the one wagging its teleprompter-directed finger at Iran.

Any nuclear program is insane, and that includes Iran’s.  Nuclear waste is the issue that forever settles the issue.  That we all absolutely depend on nuclear power is an egregious lie.   Japan touts that line and as I write, out of its 54 nuke plants, only three are online now, and yet there are no blackouts, and threat thereof.  The last I heard, Iran might have enough nuclear ingredients to make 4 nuke bombs; Japan has enough plutonium to make 11,200 nukes!  And this coming from the country broadcasting to the kosmos every August on the necessity of a nuclear bomb-free world!

And oh yeah, I know most of us have 60 second attention spans and memories going back about 12 minutes, but is it possible for anyone to remember this news from last year?  Change We Can Believe In deserves a Nobel “Peace” Prize.