If you orbit the dwarf star, Abe Foxman, you’re likely to succumb to the paranoia there’s an anti-Semite hiding behind every city corner, perched atop all traffic lights, on tree branches, on the nightly news, at the ball game, and on the Internet.  Everyone is jealous of Jewish success and the ADL must do everything at its command to prevent another mass persecution.  That’s why the mass media report on antisemitism all the time.

Harold Bloom, the literary critic, loves Shakespeare, but his one and only Jewish villain, Shylock, sends him to hysterical heights; even the great bard of Stratford-upon-Avon gets the disease gentiles are prone to.  Never mind that Bill’s other assholes are all goyim, such as Richard III, Cassius and Brutus, what matters is the Jew cannot be looked upon as the bad guy.

Yet what does “Semitic” mean?  It’s a language group, which includes Arabic and Hebrew, and the word is derived from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah.

If the world were really so anti-Jewish, you wouldn’t have the supposedly persecuted ones doing most of the finger wagging-

“Antisemitism” is as meaningful as carbon-despising “global warming”, the “War on Terror”, the “War on Drugs”, “America is the moral leader of the free world.”, “Japan is a peace-loving nature-worshiping nation.”, “Nuclear power is safe, clean and cheap.”, “Fukushima is the worst nuclear accident in the last 25 years.”, “HIV causes AIDS.”, “ADHD is now an epidemic.”…just another mind bomb, another of the countless Kali Yuga perversions of language, to keep you distracted from what is actually happening on Planet Earth today.