It doesn’t matter whether the Report from Iron Mountain (or its cousin, the one polite people never mention in public) is authentic or not.  The central operating standard of society everywhere on this UN-besieged planet is (banker financed) WAR.   And in war, the side you think you’re serving is actually against you too.  The two great wars of the 20th-century didn’t have to be fought but they were and you were treated like the expendable cockroaches you all are.   So who cares about radioactive fallout and rain serenading Adelaide, or Utah Mormons.

Japan is officially a peace-promoting country.  It is anything but.  As a UN-Usurious Soviet colony it too is at war with its populace and thus, the people of Fukushima and elsewhere on the front line of Fukushima I are expendable drones.  It could listen to Pound but subjects its people to a wartime routine of being up at the crack of dawn and slaving away in fluorescent-lit mental cages all day, for basically all its citizens, the only relief being the entertainment provided by cell phones, television sets, and Internet porn.

The first casualty of war is truth.  It’s difficult to find it even where you think you’ve hit the jackpot in so-called alternative truth sites.  Such places must also file for yearly kosher certifications and a guy like Alex Jones can only say so much.

Humanity has allowed itself to be reduced to the status of cattle in which the (mostly) Jewish bankers at the the top of the global pecking order do whatever they want–more trillions for Wall Street and the City, more nuclear power stations and wars for freedom, drones coming to city near you, x-ray airport body scanners, the criminalization of raw milk…–and get away with it all.  Liberty is a duty; it is not a right, and that is why the majority of us are daft.  Clever yes, but wise no.  A good chef here, a great engineer over there, a stunning model over there, and damn, that Pujols can hit a ball.

If you think of yourself as educated in the English language, you probably subscribe to the views espoused by the UN, The Economist, the New York Times, Comedy Central, or what have you.  You probably think Iran is a real issue, ie, that there is real substance there, something to fuss over, as much of the “free world” is doing right now.

But I have news for you.  There is another country that has a much harder nuclear program than Iran’s–Japan’s.  Not only is Japan’s nuclear program hardline, it is suicidal insanity.  (Did someone just mention Japan’s 45 tons of plutonium?) If the Aussies think they had it bad in the 1950s, they should spare a thought for the people of Japan post-3/11, who, while they live in a the blissful TV-manufactured AKB-sponsored hive mind, are inundated on a daily basis with “safe levels of radiation”.  The people of Fukushima, from the perspectives of the national government and of TEPCO, are equal to shit, meant to be flushed down a toilet.  But then, so is most everyone else.  When the next Olympics arrive, however, we can all hold hands and pretend to love one another and be one happy family.

Fukushima I is a giant tap no one can turn off.  Unlike relatively harmless fluoridated tap water running freely, we’re talking about deadly amounts of plutonium and uranium ionizing isotopes fleeing their TEPCO home 24/7.  It is the world’s largest industrial catastrophe to date, but no one seems interested in sealing it, or at least doing what the relatively competent Soviets did in the wake of Chernobyl–entombment.  War is standard operating procedure worldwide and that is why Iran is the issue, not Fukushima.

When Hamiltonian memes run amok, you have the Poms nuking Australia, and the AEC destroying the Marshall Islands and the Nevada desert, not to mention the global fallout of those death-worshiping programs.  You have constant orgies of violence carried out by the imperial powers, all in the name of freedom.  And in those imperial lands, you have millions behind bars–at taxpayer expense–and those who aren’t in physical cages, are typically on legal and illegal drugs and big as walruses.

When you wage war on Bacchus, contra naturam, like Pentheus did, you will one day experience your mother tearing you into little pieces.