This song (the first one that is)

is embedded in popular consciousness because now really is the dawning of the latest 2160-year-long Age of Aquarius.  We are now leaving the Age of Pisces and the New Age starts on March 21st, Spring Equinox 2012.  Mark that down in your schedules and know these are the last days of Pisces–until the next time.

One could say the Sun is still in the House of Pisces on the spring equinox, but we have to have a dividing line somewhere and now is the time.   The House of Aquarius is clearly in view and the Precession of the Equinoxes is leaving Pisces in the dust gradually, until the Great Year goes around again.

On the geopolitical front, you might expect big events happening on or around March 21st 2012.  An egregious assault on Iran, the grand opening of Camp FEMA for a million lucky Amerikans who’ll enjoy a permanent vacation making boots and car license plates for a dime an hour, a false flag nuclear attack on some city somewhere–who knows.

President Soetoro’s signing of the draconian NDAA 2012 on the last day of last year tells you we have entered uncharted territory.   Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are now officially toilet roll brand names and this year’s spring equinox will be the official swearing-in of the new vampiric age.

On a brighter note, the shifting of the ages reminds us of the wonderful numerical and geometrical proportions of the Archmason’s creation.  Time isn’t linear, it’s cyclical.  And as such, another Golden Age will emerge, to replace the MOX-fueled shit hole we currently find ourselves in.

Don’t forget that while Obomba & Associates want you to think their legislation is final, eternal, sacrosanct…nothing is further from the truth because the study of geometry and number reveals the true eternal laws.  I’ve covered this topic many times over the years and those interested parties should consult my links, where they’ll find several sources to satisfy their curiosity.