I’ve posted Uncle Genpachi before, but this little appreciated YouTube Channel raises awareness of a very serious issue in Japan: that it absolutely doesn’t depend on nuclear power.

Here it is again

for your viewing pleasure.

Immediately after Volcano Fukushima started erupting, the nuclear power industry here and abroad lectured on how Japan’s mighty economy depends on fissioning Australian and Canadian uranium.  Eleven months later, and there are only 2 to go–and yet, not a sign anywhere of power failures.  And notice the media.  Outlets like NHK report the facts but never (so far as I can tell) consider the implications of nuclear power lies.

Nuclear power gives a sense of omnipotence to people suffering from materialistic angst.  It is also like its parent, fractional reserve lending, that is making interest-bearing debt out of nothing but by the bonding of slaves to its black hole, be they individuals or nations.   Just as nuclear waste keeps piling up, so too does debt.

The worldwide nuclear industry–both friendly and unfriendly–is a diabolical Earth-hating conspiracy in which the tax paying pee-ons pay for their own long-term self-destruction.   It is in-your-face corporate welfare that must stop now.

Nuclear power also has another sinister aspect few talk about: plutonium production.  It should be apparent now to any half-intelligent observer of Japanese affairs that nuclear power in this country is primarily a means of making plutonium.  In spite of Hiroshima and Nagasaki mayors lecturing the world every August on the necessity of a nuclear bomb-free world, this land has in its possession 45,000 kg (enough for at least 11,200 nukes) of weapons grade plutonium.  For what purpose?

I don’t blame you for not wanting to study conspiracies.

Truth sucks, ignorance is bliss.

Have a great day.