There is no danger.–Atomic Energy Commission

They shredded documents, and this all came out during the trial.  The government admitted finally that they had known the dangers of radiation since the early forties.  They knew it caused cancers, they knew it could cause birth defects, but they felt it was worth the sacrifice of a few men for the good of the country.–Pat Broudy, excerpted from Gallagher’s American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War

Military men are dumb, stupid animals.–Henry Kissinger

related Daily Mail story–Astonishing-video-shows-U-S-ground-grunt-guinea-pigs-taking-atomic-bomb-tests-1950s–trenches-protect-radiation.html via Jeff Rense

There are some plausible denying battalions commenting on this video.

C’mon, freedom-adoring Amerika had no idea about the dangers of radiation they subjected millions to in North America during the 924 officially announced tests at the Nevada Test Site.  Please trust your government.  It always has your best interests at heart. 

In the same way, we had no idea cavemen would attack us on 9/11, even though military drills involving similar scenarios were carried out before and during 9/11–which is not to deny Mossad’s central role in that quintessential false flag, the basis of the current insane “War on Terror”, the next big pit stop being Iran.

Over here in Japan, TEPCO and the central government had no idea a tsunami could devastate Tohoku, as one did almost a year ago.  Therefore, don’t blame TEPCO for constructing GE nuke plants along the Pacific coast.

Except that the above is a tsunami of a lie.

The 1896 Sanriku Earthquake & Tsunami was a monster.  The tsunami measured 125 feet at its maximum height, just shy of the record-setting tsunami of last year.