Cameco owns 70% of McArthur River, the world’s largest high-grade uranium mine.  Areva owns the other 30%.

File:McArthur River Uranium Mine.jpg

Had Canadian Immigration granted this Japanese woman radiation refugee status, it would be saying Fukushima is a problem, an environmental catastrophe, which is precisely what it is.  Canada has a huge role in the worldwide conspiracy known as nuclear power and its evil twin brother, the nuclear arms industry.  The above photo is Cameco and Areva’s McArthur River uranium mine in Saskatchewan, “the world’s largest high-grade uranium deposit”, according to Wikipedia.

Just as Japanese officials and the magnanimous UN’s IAEA pretend Fukushima is a minor glitch on the road to a glorious “carbon-free” nuclear future, Canada has a face to save.  It, like Australia, have nice guy images which would be threatened if the ionizing facts come out.

The last I looked into it, McArthur River serves Kansai Electric, whereas BHP-Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine, in South Australia, serves Tokyo Electric.  Any Japanese seeking refugee status in Australia, will also meet the same fate as Hiroko Watanabe did in Toronto.