“We just want to stabilize Japan’s energy supply.” means we want to be assured we can continue bamboozling the Japanese taxpaying slave so that she will pay for our luxurious lifestyles in perpetuity.  With just 2 out of the nation’s 54 nuke plants operating right now–zero in Kansai–reality shrieks, “That Japan ‘depends’ on nuclear power is a lie!”

Just as Amerikans think they are free, Japanese believe they are “nature-loving”.  Both terms are fronts hiding exactly the opposite.

Europeans are naive New World Order-sucking pee-ons just like their Team Rothschild counterparts elsewhere on Planet Usury.  There are noticeable differences, however, in that many Europeans, the Swiss, Germans, Italians and Sardinians, still retain some basic human intelligence, enough to enable them to tell nuclear power to take a hike and to never come back.  Getting outside under a blue sky starring the Light of the World is a way to preserve sanity in these insane times.

On your average day in aspartame-flavored, fluorescent light-adoring Japan, 85 once proud members of the 大和民族 kill themselves.  What is true individually is also true nationally.

Global warming/crime it change is hive mind environmentalism, and its showcase means of energy production is nuclear power.  Just as crime it change is a massive lie–hemp is a four-letter word you’re not allowed to say on television or at the UN–so too are nuclear power’s holy trinity–that it is safe, clean and cheap.

Why do people hate themselves this much?  Why are they so willing to bequeath their kids and their kids and their kids…garbage that stays toxic for a hundred thousand years?