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watch it now before it disappears

Sad glimpse into the lives of some of the survivors of the 3/11 Earthquake & Tsunami–and ongoing radiation catastrophe.

In spite of Volcano Fukushima, Planet Thanatos is still addicted to nuclear power, that most outrageously dangerous, expensive, and dirty means of producing electricity.

Many in Japan and outside it point at how organized and sane the response to the disaster has been.  They direct your attention to New Orleans and what the blacks did there after Hurricane Katrina struck–it became looting central.

Here’s a little wake up call: TEPCO and the Japanese government regard the people of Fukushima, and in particular its children, as radiation guinea pigs.  That the Japanese government and its prefectural subsidiaries specialize in nuclear fellatio means they are responsible for compensating the people of Tohoku and especially the people of Fukushima.  TEPCO must fully pay for families to be evacuated to places like Kyushu, where, they would be obliged to pay for new houses and help dads and moms find new jobs.

Children going to school with dosimeters.  How much more in-your-face evidence do you need that this is the Heart of Darkness?