In the Bolshevik Usurious Soviets of Amerika, it’s fine to engage in the trafficking of life-destroying MOX fuel and psychosis-inducing SSRIs.  But, raw milk–in the Obamanation–no freaking way!

Here’s a briefing on the NWO raids on Rawesome Foods

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In the NWO, you shall eat what the UN tells you to eat.  Codex Alimentarius,”Food Rules”, is the goal your interest-bearing masters have their reptilian eyes set on.  The UN’s Agenda 21 is designed to make you an order taking yes man, an unthinking automaton.  There is no private property, and you aren’t an individual.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are illegal aliens and are wanted for crimes against humanity.

Soon, it will be illegal to plant organic tomatoes in your garden.  And if you have a problem with that, NDAA 2012 has a FEMA camp waiting for you.

As the Report from Iron Mountain correctly says, warfare is the very foundation of Amerikan existence; it is not the far end of diplomacy.

Gomer Pyle, you shall be eat henceforth, nothing but wholesome and healthy GMO-modified Corn Flakes.