9/11 wacko conspiracy theorist (a renegade Saudi Afghan-based caveman did it), Richard Dawkins, asserts we are all atom-based survival machines.  Any talk of things “spiritual” is just that, in other words, poppycock.

Darwinism, however, is one of the foundation stones of the new world order.  You can read for yourself in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion how any sense of the godhead must be eliminated and replaced with bloodthirsty materialism.  You might object that millions of Amerikans are Bible thumpers (and therefore spiritual), but such people are not spiritual; they are pre-rational hoards who know nothing of the bliss of Bhakti, just like their reactionary Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist…counterparts.

What is primary?  Subatomic particles?  The still to be discovered Higgs Boson?  Matter?

Or, is the foundation qualitative number, starting with Unity?

Instead of believing, like most so-called educated people today, that matter is the basis of humanity and existence, Cremo thinks–if eye understand him–Spirit is causal and that the key word to understanding ourselves is “devolution”.  Mankind is essentially spiritual (just like the rest of creation), but is feels encased in a material-based, death-bound, body.

By identifying with matter exclusively, you ignore the other side of yourself, eternal Spirit, and thus your life becomes meaningless, just another Prozac statistic.  The new world order is heavily materialistic, superficial, Mickey Mouse-adoring, MOX-fueled, carbon-despising–but above all, death worshiping.  You don’t have to buy everything Cremo says, but he gets you thinking about the biggest questions.