The Age of Pisces is approaching the finishing line.  The next 2160-year-long Age of Aquarius starts on Tuesday March 20th 2012, the Northern Hemispheric Spring Equinox.

Eye wish I could declare the beginning of the next Golden Age, but darkness looks more prevalent now than Light.  The Sun of Heaven still shines, of course, and the nighttime sky is magnificent as ever–all is bliss for those awake to the Eternal Present.  But for the bulk of thumb-sucking humanity, materialism’s sledgehammer-like survival of the fittest, fluorescent-lit, GMO-modifed nightmare continues as usual.

The biggest geopolitical question now is When is Israelika going to attack Iran?  Another Purim has come and gone, and fortunately for the people of Iran it still remains intact.  But with the shifting of the Ages just days away, who knows what could happen.

Bibi’s half black White House bitch signed the draconian NDAA 2012 on the last day of last year (while you were all drunk and partying) setting the stage for the official opening of the totalitarian police state, probably sometime this year.  Jefferson and Adams are Piscean Age titans.  It is time to trash your swivel chair because, like growing tomatoes in your front yard, it will be illegal to have one in the early days of Aquarius.

Eye’d love to be able to tell you when Peace shall reign on Earth, but before we get there Placido Domingo is likely to exercise the Samson Option