Aussie emails this to me today-

20 minutes recorded at Kyoto’s Sanjo Bridge

by Frying Dutchman, proves Japan isn’t totally dead.


Good to see someone here outraged

because if you ain’t you must be sick.


Japanese taxpayers funding their own demise,

bequeathing their children Pluto’s never-ending nightmare.


But there’s more to it than just “money”.

Materialism only looks there

when the answer is here.


Universe’s biggest conspiracy:


Foundation instead is ONE

found HERE

where the ocean of unity

dissolves that head you think is yours.


Because YOU look THERE always,

YOU eventually suck DEATH’s teat,

succumbing to its promise of ending this

miserable life of yours.


Nuclear power, Thanatos’s bride.

Japan accepts arranged marriage

because there ain’t no choice

when a nuke is aimed at your head.


Fukushima, nuclear issue of the day

but Bibi & Barry Show says Iran is.