Veteran iatrogenic disease investigator, Jon Rappoport, pounces on and rips apart “Professor” S. Matthew Liao.  Liao recently features in The Atlantic where he suggests various ways to combat satanic carbon dioxide and that most pressing issue of the day, Crime It Change.  Genetically engineering four-foot humans with cat’s eyes is one sci-fi suggestion.

Your craving for meat is an eco crime, Mr Deckard, and so the best thing for you is to take this pill that will retire your carnivorousness, once and for all.

Rappoport recently appeared on the Alex Jones Show

where they discuss Liao and other areas of the NWO re-engineering of humanity “for the good of the earth”.  Rappoport, alas, doesn’t touch the HIV/AIDS hoax.  Jones needs to wean himself from the Monteith/Horowitz paradigm that sees HIV as a CIA creation to fuck up the earth.  Rappoport must educate Alex about AIDS.

If it doesn’t exist, invent it.


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