The evidence presented herein is based on Jim Stone’s research.  I don’t know why Jeff Rense won’t at least let him have a say, and it’s a shame Henry Makow has to lose sleep over this.

I think Patrick and Stone are right.  Last year’s 3/11 earthquake wasn’t a 9.0.  Probably more like a 6.0.   Where is the damage prior to the arrival of the black monster from hell?  Not much to be found.

Patrick wants to say Israel caused the tsunami, just like Jim Stone, who says it outright.  Lots of pieces of the puzzle fit to make one at least entertain the thought.  Dimona-based Magna installed the so-called security system at Fukushima I and no one is talking about it, just like no one talks about Israeli ICTS providing “security” at all three 9/11 airports.

Magna installed Stuxnet virus-targeting SCADA software at Fukushima I.  There is no way all the back-up systems should have failed, but they did.   Reactor 4 was in cold shutdown on 3/11 but it exploded on March 15th.  Stone alleges this is impossible–unless…

Mossad is the main 9/11 suspect.  All real evidence–televised hearsay says an Arab caveman did it–points to this group as the one that masterminded the attacks on New York and Washington.  But to immediately conclude that it too caused the tsunami is little rich in my opinion.  Once you adopt this line, all other earthquakes and tsunamis are manmade.  Joe Vialls believes the 2004 Indonesia tsunami was human created.  And, of course, the Great Hanshin Earthquake, was too.

The 1896 Sanriku earthquake was a 7.2 (no idea how it was measured) yet it produced a tsunami that reached a maximum inland height of 38 meters, just shy of the last year’s tsunami that measured a maximum 40 meters.

Assuming our Sanriku data are correct, 7 earthquakes can trigger massive waves.  I guess it depends on the place of birth of the earthquake in question.

All in all, still lots of unanswered questions.