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Aquarius, the water-bearer
Today marks the first day of the Age of Aquarius, Northern Hemispheric Spring Equinox, 2012.  Pluto’s Queen of Hades returns to Earth to herald the triumph of Light over Darkness.  She stays with us until Autumnal Equinox, six months later, when she resumes her duties in Hades.
   Proserpina’s first day of spring arrival back on Earth is always joyous.  The Archmason, the brains behind the Platonic Year, and the four seasons, reminds Earthlings the Aten/Sun is always with us, and thereby, bliss almighty.   Underneath the usurious and radioactive lies of our dark times, the giver of all life, the King of the World, the Sun of God, rules.   If only we could genuflect to real monarchs.
   Who is the Piscean Messiah, but the Sun on His 25,920 year-long journey around the Zodiac?   He and Buddha are one and the same.  We need to get out more and acknowledge the debt we owe to Our Father Who Art in Heaven, all 864,000 miles of diameter of the Day Star.
   Michael Tsarion has it wrong on Akhenaten.   The Great Pharaoh  did what Japanese from all social ranks need more of: getting outside under the Light of the World.   Japan needs an Akhenaten to it whack it into compliance with its tradition of Sun and Nature worship.   That there is even talk of re-starting its nuclear power plants, is testimony the nation is committing treason against Amaterasu.   Just as there is an Olympics for sports there is one for suicidal stupidity, and right now, its Japan vs the Usurious Soviets of Amerika.
   But you may as well say, the whole contemporary New World Order needs the same solar medicine the Japanese and Amerikans urgently need.  Mossad did 9/11 and yet you still think an Arab caveman did it.  And that’s why Daddy Warbucks gets away with his crimes against decency.  Without naming names, the Occupy movement will continue being a circus of the blind leading the blind.  Good intentions, yes, but total lack of purpose, like the conspiracy universe, the latest manifestation being Jeff Rense’s falling out with Henry Makow.
   The main problem facing the world today is not AIPAC’s Thanatos-laden Samson Obsession.   It is Ignorance, and notice the etymology.  Take note of its connection to gnosis and thereby to Sanskrit and jnana, knowledge of things spiritual?   Our attention is always focused out there, never in here.  Doug Harding shows you what eye mean.  And don’t ever accuse me of hating all things Jewish.  Eye know about Qabalah and the central role of ayin ע.  And while we’re at it, don’t assume that that Illuminati pyramid is essentially Satanic.  No, that eye ע atop the pyramid is none other than you, deep beneath your addiction to American Idol and AKB48.
   Within our proximity, here as Earthlings, the greatest single manifestation is the Sun of God.  Philip Glass is so moved by Pharaoh Akhenaten that he wrote an opera about him and here

this being the Hymn to the Sun.

Correct me if eye’m wrong, Philip, but it has something to do with this

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   Speaking of Akhenaton, He is Moses, yes?
   Eye sit on Siggy’s chaise longue after having read Moses and Monotheism and all Eye see are sugar plum visions of the Jews stealing so-called monotheism from the Egyptians, the progenitors of ancient human wisdom–and damn it all, that Pyramid is absolute proof of what eye’m saying.
   Speaking of which, this is a fucking joke!   Typical example of profanity usurping divinity. Just another TV Dinner sign these are the ongoing dark days of the Kali Yuga, despite this being Proserpina’s day.
   7/11 is the Great Pyramid of Giza.  It is not a convenience store, grasshopper.  You must read John Michell and Mike Schneider’s take on how the Pyramid represents the beautiful Squared Circle relationship of Earth and Moon.
   If you aren’t going to specialize in maths, don’t torture yourself with unnecessary high school math.  Drop out if you have to and study geometry and the Number Canon, in order to discover the Divine Language.  Don’t ever equate hexagrams with something the Jews or anyone else own.  Hexagrams are God’s footprints.  Get a compass and find out for yourself.
   The solar year’s two equinoxes are special for Earthlings because day and night are equal everywhere.  The Sun crosses the Celestial Equator and pierces the Cosmic Christ’s Heart
J. Augustus Knapp: A Rosicrucian Crucifixion (1928)allowing those with spiritual thirst to drink the blood whose number is 888.
   The Spring Equinox is the traditional point to determine where we are in the esoteric year.  This is a Kyoto Observer exclusive.  The Age of Aquarius starts today, Prosperina’s Day, 2012.
   If any poem is higher than Dante’s Divine Comedy, it has to be Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri.  Read it.
   May the Age of Aquarius–sometime during its 2160 years–ultimately celebrate the rebirth of a terrestrial paradise.  Eye personally am getting sick of this dense materialistic age of usury.
   Have a nice day and enjoy this New Age.