Wagner and his chief patron, King Ludwig II

Hitler loved Mercedes and Volkswagen cars, yet they are being driven freely in Israel…The last vestige of this boycott of Germany is the issue of Wagner and to me it doesn’t really make sense…Wagner should be played here. We want to listen to wonderful music.–Yonatan Livni, CEO, Wagner Society in Israel

It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in the realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . .I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . .The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews.  The anti-semites shall be our best friends. Theodor Herzl, From his Diary, Part I, pp. 16

Stephen Fry, an English Jew, adores the incomparable power of Wagner.  Adolf Hitler, the hive mind’s quintessential evil guy, also loves Wagner and his music is more or less the official music of the Third Reich.  With these tensions in mind we visit St Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre, Nuremberg…and the summit of this journey, Bayreuth Festspielhaus, the holy of holies.  In the end, fortunately, Fry sides with Wagner and cites the heavenly music as the key testimony in passing judgement on this German juggernaut.

Just because Mossad did 9/11 doesn’t mean you can’t have Israeli friends.