President-“Gimme $80 billion to upgrade my aging nuclear arsenal–and throw in a dynoooomite Peace Prize”-Obomba will be the usual eruption of interest-bearing, ionizing platitudes you hear on the nightly news at this conference in Seoul.

But I’ve got news for you guys: Fukushima is the nuclear issue.  Deal with it.  It is an ongoing global emergency.  Mobilize troops, not to deal with Iran, but with Tokyo Electric-LDP-BHP-Billiton-Areva-General Electric-IAEA’s Fukushima Daiichi.  That is the question.  Repeat unto yourselves until the snot cemented walls of corruption that make up your demonic minds fall.

Get you gone you sick motherfuckers!

Satellite image on 16 March of the four damaged reactor buildings

Participants at the Seoul Summit will discuss “the threat of nuclear terrorism”.  You’ve seen this before at KO, but in case you need reminding (most of our memories go back a month or so) here’s (an incomplete) summary of who the real nuclear terrorists are-

Where does Iran fit into this?  When was the last time they went to some tropical paradise, ordered the locals, at gunpoint, to scram, and blew the island to smithereens for Allah–not just once but 66 times, the strongest one being a thousand times deadlier than Hiroshima?