Business as usual here in Japan.  Trains running smoothly as they do always, aside from the daily suicides on JR lines.

Japan doesn’t depend on nuclear power, but Houston, we have a problem.  This country will have to burn more oil than usual and that means more satanic carbon dioxide releases.  We all know CO2–the stuff you exhale, and the stuff plants feast on–is the most dangerous substance known to mankind, the cause of Crime It Change.  It’s been cold lately here in Kansai and there’s only one reason for that: the Earth is getting hotter and winter has disappeared.

Don’t be surprised to experience fake power outages this summer in carbon-despising–totally NWO–Japan.  Just as on average an astounding 85 Japanese kill themselves each and every day, you have high ranking nut cases who are determined to destroy not only themselves and their miserable lives, but the rest of us as well, with their plutonium wet dreams.

Well meaning ecology is cuckolded.  Global warming only fucks the man that created her, Nuclear Power.