Does Nobel “Peace Prize” recipient, war criminal Henry Kissinger, like Led Zeppelin?

I am wondering because I’m currently reading Mike Tanner’s Wagner (Faber and Faber).  In it, as you might expect, he writes a short biography of Richard, describes each of the music dramas, and recommends CDs and DVDs.

There is also an extensive ADL-sponsored Mel Gibson moment, Wagner, the Jews and the Nazis, a part of the book Tanner didn’t want to write.  But Wagner is controversial because he wrote and said things like

and many allege he is the direct precursor of Hitler, and thereby, no one in their kosher-modified wits, would want to listen to this racist madman, let alone pay for the fare to Bayreuth, a sort of Yasukuni Shrine of the West.

Life is a little more complicated than the BBC’s Steve Fry lets on in the documentary I blogged a few days ago.  Just for starters, Theodor Herzl’s best friend is anti-Semitism, and one reason why most of us have blinkered views of WWII is because we attended politically correct UN-worshiping schools.

But getting back to Henry Kissinger and Led Zeppelin.  I don’t know whether Earth-destroying, Henry likes Zeppelin or not.  Let’s suppose, though, he does.  He’s a huge fan, and even attended a few concerts–disguised of course–back in the days before John Bonham died.

Does Henry Kissinger being a Led Zeppelin fan have anything to do with the millions he is responsible for killing?

Henry is most notorious for what he did in Southeast Asia and Rolling Thunder

roasted thousands.

Just because (hypothetically) Kissinger loves Vietnam and East Timorese-hating Zeppelin, does it follow it caused him to be in Jakarta (6 December 1975) the day before Suharto launched his US-backed genocide in East Timor?  Did Kissinger’s ecocidal hatred of all things southeast Asian have anything to do with an alleged anti-Vietnamese message contained in

Whole Lotta Love?

I don’t know, and I don’t care.  I listen to the music and like it, pieces such as Plant, Page & Company

going to Kashmir.

When it comes to Wagner, I also don’t care what the allegations are.  If you think Alberich and Hagen are anti-Semitic, then good for you.   I’m going to slip my Barenboim DVD in and play her–because I love the music.