The hive mind looks down on the single black/hispanic/southeast-asian…mom

with 12 (3 others in other places) kids screaming in the one room welfare case cell.

The NWO lies about everything from the time we pop outta mom (“Hep B vaccine comin’ right up, Junior!”, “Off with that foreskin, Moshe!”), which is why TEPCO’s begging the Japanese government to let it freely steal from the Japanese taxpayer will pass without comment, more or less.   There will be no nationally televised debate, nor will schools have their students worrying about the effect it will have on them.  Instead, kids will attend their daily anti-CO2 rallies, side with the UN and tell you with a straight face “An Inconvenient Truth” is a movie you have to see.

It all means nuclear power is safe, clean, cheap and the best means available to fight demonic carbon dioxide.   We nature-loving Japanese demand the re-starting of all 53 nuke plants now idled.  We cannot exist without it and we will be back a trillion times and more, seeking your cooperation in the struggle to maintain our great way of life, as well as to do our green little bit for a better and healthier planet.