exhibit 1 http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/frontview.jpg  Fukushima I from in front

exhibit 2 http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushimatoptext.jpg Fukushima I from above

exhibit 3 http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/smokingun1.jpg showing main quake was inland, not out in the ocean

Jim Stone’s views re Fukushima are his own, and don’t necessarily mirror KO’s.

Japan has been totally NWO since at least 2 September 1945, when it surrendered to the Allies on the USS Missouri

in Tokyo Bay.  I suspect Japan was also firmly NWO during the entire Pacific War, playing the role of the East Asian slant-eyed yellow gorilla, whose favorite prey was good looking young female blonds.  Pearl Harbor was an inside junkyard-destroying job but pee-on brain-atrophied, Hamiltonian-flavored Amerikans, will buy anything their leaders broadcast.

At the same Wikipedia page where I found the top photo, there’s another one I’ll present in this show ‘n’ tell.  You see Rothschild agent Commodore Perry’s flag in the background, while SCAP MacArthur reads. .

Japan’s modern history begins on 31 March 1854, when Japan signs the Convention of Kanagawa.

I don’t care what your history books say, Japan as we know it today, begins on the aforementioned date, when the Rothschild Shogunate formalized its successful coup over the once sovereign Tokugawa Shogunate.   The Pacific War was the Great Eastern Puppet Theater.

Which brings us to the present day.  Stone’s idea Israel got so pissed-off with Japan offering to enrich uranium for Iran that it created the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster, is wrong.  Japan is a totally committed member of Team Usury.  It is much freer than the Usurious Soviets of Amerika–for now anyway–but it buys Crime it Change, HIV/AIDS, vaccinations, the fake wars on “drugs” and “terror”, is anti-hemp, and, despite those tearful Hiroshima and Nagasaki anti-nuke lectures to the world every August, Japan now has enough plutonium to make 11,200 nuclear weapons of mass destruction.  Japan ain’t no good guy.

That said, Stone is still essential Fukushima-related reading.  For instance, how many people out there talk about Dimona-based Magna installing Siemens Stuxnet virus-seeking SCADA operating “security” at Fukushima I?  Rense still thinks Unit 3’s explosion was a hydrogen one; I think Stone is correct on 3 being a nuclear explosion.  Aside from Stone, why isn’t anyone talking about the implications of Unit 4’s explosion, the one that was offline?