You don’t need lecherous old men sniffing the girl of the day he wants to fuck (assuming he can get his willy up).  Dogs will do the job better than anyone or anything, just as biodegradable hemp will save the planet instead of your so-called carbon footprint taxes.  Speaking of which, the latter are the equivalent of TSA x-ray body scanners at an airport near you.  Both are based on lies:

  • that carbon dioxide is the deadliest pollutant threatening life on this planet
  • that physics-defying caveman, Osama Bin Laden, and his cast of 19 plastic boxcutter-carrying jihadists did 9/11

All available evidence indicates Mossad (and its US/UN/EU/mass media outlet accomplices) did 9/11; its main beneficiary is Israel.  The chief author of the Patriot Act, Mike Chertoff, profits from the sale of dangerous x-ray body scanners.  He is to Rapiscan as Mick Jagger is to the Rolling Stones.

The Rhinemaidens are the only ones who should handle the gold.