Some movies tell us what’s in store for humanity.

In order to make a prophetic movie you need a prophet and one such is Philip K. Dick and two movies based on his books Minority Report (made into a Tom Cruise movie) A man wearing a leather jacket stands in a running pose. A flag with the PreCrime Department insignia stands in the background. The image has a blue tint, and many flashing lights. Tom Cruise's name stands atop the poster, and the film title, credits, and the tagline "Everybody Runs June 21" are on the bottom.

and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (made into Ridley Scott’s favorite creation) come to mind. A man holding a gun, a woman holding a cigarette, and a city-scape

So-called pre-crime is in its infancy and is but the latest tool the Devil uses to further enslave humanity and chisel her into the obedient insect Floyd Blankfiend & Company approve of.

The robot walking up the stairs in the above video is Rick Deckard’s mission the prequel.