“They [government agencies] don’t even acknowledge there’s a problem.”

The Communist Prefectures of Japan and the Usurious Soviets of Amerika run by the same Earth-despising psychopaths.

Biodegradable oil sponges were available to soak up much of BP’s mess, but, no, we just had to use Nalco’s highly toxic, sink-the-oil Corexit, a Goldman Sachs investment.

Geothermal goldmine Japan can power itself cleanly, but insists–with a 外圧 gun pointed to its head–on playing that suicidal international racket called nuclear power.

Geothermal is too easy and too Earth-friendly.  Nuclear power is a worldwide business and keeps the Samson Option open.

Petrochemicals and nuclear power–safe, clean and healthy ways to combat Crime It Change.

Hemp a four letter antisemitic word you can’t say on TV.

19 April 2012 Al Jazeera Inside Report

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