I pick on the Usurious Soviets of Israelika a lot because it is Earth’s most pretentious country, so pretentious that it threatens not only itself, but the entire world.  Israelikans, however, aren’t the only group of people dedicated to the mad counterproductive and draconian pursuit of money, money and more money.  It’s a pathogen that has spread worldwide.

While fracking Israelikans gleefully destroy the Gulf of Mexico (Have you seen Christina Aguilar’s bodysuit, and those fat thighs lately?) a major source of its food supply, the Japanese–under Pluto’s spell–do the same with its once blessed isles.   And so do the Brazilians, which is why the pink Amazon River dolphin is hard to find these days.  If I went back to Varanasi tomorrow, I wouldn’t see Ganges dolphins as I did once upon a time.  The Chinese are so determined to prove to themselves and the rest of the universe that life is nothing but a petrochemical toilet, that they will happily destroy their country, including Yangtze dolphins to prove it.  And of course, the Mekong River is just another toxic waste site, like the Pacific Ocean, Lake Biwa, Lake Baikal, the Mississippi River, you name it.

I was at the newly opened Kyoto Aquarium the other day and attended the dolphin show.  Where are they from?  I kept asking myself.

Taiji 太地?

Giggling and cheering high school students as

one of theirs is chosen to shake Flipper’s flipper.