12 May 2012 update: If you haven’t already done so, watch Michael’s Madsen’s Into Eternity about Earth’s first “permanent nuclear waste repository” at Onkalo, Finland.  Look on the right side of this page, locate “Blogroll” and you’ll see the link under M.  Madsen’s movie is an outstanding companion to the extraordinary documentary that Waste the Nuclear Nightmare is.
From the maker of The World According to Monsanto and The Lightbulb Conspiracy, comes this Arte France/Bonne Pioche documentary about nuclear power’s eternal crisis–its waste.
   We visit many places such as Hanford, Washington, site of the world’s first nuclear reactor, the one that made plutonium to vaporize Nagasaki.  We also go to Mayak in the Urals, site of an ongoing nuclear catastrophe born in 1957 few have heard of.  We also visit La Hague in France, the place where Cogema (today Atomic Anne’s Areva) reprocesses spent fuel, such as from Japan, one of three countries (France and the UK are the others) that does so.  According to Greenpeace the plant discharges 1 million litres of radioactive liquid into the ocean EVERYDAY!
   Up until 1993 it was legal to dump nuclear waste into the sea.  According to the IAEA, 100,000 tons were dumped into the oceans until then, with the UK dumping the most (80% of it) followed by Switzerland.  Nature-loving Japan, of course, participated.
   If this is what the IAEA says, one can imagine the real numbers are at least ten times larger.  Besides, today (or least when the film was made) the law says you can still dump nuclear waste into the sea–but only from the seashore, which is why the film spends a lot of time at La Hague.
   Nuclear power’s symbiotic partner in crime is Crime It Change.  The same people who tell us a guy in a cave did 9/11 also constantly show us charts of satanic carbon dioxide rising all the time, thus threatening life on this planet.  What we should be seeing instead are charts of rising levels of radioactive isotopes rising all the time, thanks to the nutcases ruling our world.   And oh yeah, let’s not forget Fukushima’s contribution.
   A highly recommended, but depressing documentary, one in which we realize there is no escape.  So why bother emigrating from nuclear waste dump Japan?
another mirror

German narration with English subtitles

You are afraid of Dave Duke

for no reason other than that your idiot box so directs you.

Eye run for the hills when Atomic Anne comes to town

But the problem is it’s becoming increasingly difficult to

escape to any safe haven on this toxic waste dump of a planet.

In other world news, Japan’s super girlie group AKB48 take your mind off Earth’s problems with this

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