Who really cares about the Zionist subversion of the West anymore? White people are far too passive and the biological and psychological damage is irreversible. White people should just enjoy the sunset and hope the BRIC nations won’t meet our same fate.  If we’re lucky the European white race will be a thing of myth and legends in the future, assuming anything will be written down after we’re gone.

xXChrisHATEXx5  a comment by a viewer

Bro Nat keeps talking, like Alex Jones, about Constitutional rights and privacy.  Ain’t no such animal in the NWO and the Teleprompter Messiah’s signing of NDAA 2012 was the death sentence passed on Adams and Jefferson.  Since Lincoln destroyed States rights the Talmudic Soviets of Amerika (TSA) has been going downhill.  The slide into shadowy Hades accelerated with the signing of the totalitarian fuckfest otherwise known as the Federal Reserve Act of Winter Solstice 1913.  In today’s high-tech world, it’s safe to assume all of your online activity (and just about everything else) is tracked traced and monitored.  Just as it’s illegal to question WWII’s most quoted number in many European countries, liberty or any reference to it will be treated as a crime one day soon in the TSA.  And when that happens the Thomas Jefferson invented swivel chair will be regarded rightly as the weapon of mass destruction that is most certainly is; possession thereof–automatic capital punishment.

Neo, you are a battery-powered insect.