Few people know of the atrocities committed by the communists in Ukraine. The Holodomor, the Soviet engineered famine of 1933 was directed by Stalin against the Ukrainian people, in a savage attempt to crush their will. Millions of people died of hunger in one of the most shameful pages of human history.–

Gareth Jones reports from the front line for the Evening Standard

The former United States of America is perhaps heading in a similar direction to that of the Ukraine in the early 1930s.  The Usurious Soviets of Amerika government–Democrats and Republicans are one and the same–is increasingly tyrannical at all levels, and that includes control of the food supply, of which it, the government, wants its people eating only UN-approved, Monsanto-blessed farm feed.   The Obombanation doesn’t tolerate Amerikan kulaks because Richard III was born with teeth.