Health means whole and our modern MOX-fueled, petrochemical, carbon-demonizing, shopping center-orientated lives do anything but keep us whole.   Just as there is only one ocean there is only one earth and one world, which is why this place is turned into one, a “universe”.

Our shoes cover our soles just as our Aspartame-enhanced materialistic pursuits veil our souls.  It turns out the only time we take our shoes off and walk directly on Earth is when we go to the beach in the summer.  But even then, there are many who insist on wearing their Crocs; I suppose some men prefer entering the vesica piscis sporting some latex.

The barefoot walking advocates I’ve posted lately are onto something big.  This body really does need time to connect directly with home, Mother Earth, among other things, a giant battery.  If possible, take your shoes and socks off and walk on the grass, your local hiking path, on concrete, at the beach…  Find some time every day to do so.  In the middle of the city, it’s not too hard to find some time during lunch, for instance, to take your tight shoes off and place soles on grass.

Many of us are concerned about artificial EMFs pervading our living spaces.  They are everywhere.  Your cell phone wouldn’t work without them and if you are happy making a mint, but working here good on you.  I personally wouldn’t want to but if I found myself in such a position, I’d make sure to Earth myself everyday.

NWO “health care” is to be avoided at all cost.   There are times, however, when you do have to pay a call to those men and women in white coats.  Some mothers absolutely need Caesarian sections and so a visit to an NWO hospital is called for.  But you should stay away from men and women in white coats as a rule because they are primarily interested in dispensing drugs to you.   HIV tests are meaningless and they all say so on the packaging but when you get a meaningless positive reading, pharmaceutical agents, your doctors, rush in like flies do to shit to “help you”.   The Usurious Soviets of Amerika, moreover, is just as Obombanable as it is the Prozac Nation, another George Romero zombie flick.

Schools throughout the world should terminate carbon bashing and instead have students connect to Nature by taking off their petrochemical shoes and socks and having them, the students, walk on Earth a little everyday.

Soles touching Earth

Eyes gazing at Sol

Awaken the pine cone

Guarding the Soul.