Ain’t no blackouts around me because Japan never depended on nuclear power.

Its nuclear power program is a plutonium factory that–prior to 3/11–produced enough of it to make 11,000 nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Chris Busby declared nuclear power’s end was in sight immediately after news of Volcano Fukushima spread around the world.  Such is not the case in countries such as South Korea and India where the locals are quickly building these fissioning machines.  In Maharashtra, the world’s largest suicide machine is under construction.   Jaitapur will have an output of 10,000 MW, about 9 times the output of Lucky Island’s biggest unit.   Naturally, the Maharashtra government assures Earthlings it will be the safest in the world.

Time for a replay of

Japan (and most of the rest of humanity) hasn’t learned a single lesson from the ongoing eruption of Volcano Fukushima, hitherto, Earth’s greatest manmade catastrophe.  A handful of people know the deal, but the bulk of the population couldn’t give a fuck.  Ellen Mariani doesn’t have a Chinaman’s chance of getting justice in Hellerstein’s court because the world is an Edward Bernays Studios Production brought to you by those loving philanthropists at Areva.