21 May 2012: A couple of days after posting this documentary from three different sources, they all disappear from the Internet.  A quick Google of the title, and this

comes up.  Watch this fascinating video before it disappears from YouTube.

720 HD but audio visual out of syn alas

one more

Two million plus stones put together with such precision razor blades can’t find any spaces between them.  The Great Pyramid plays on pi, the golden ratio and the 7/11 squared-circle relationship of Earth and Moon.   This planet’s most amazing building put together in 20 years, just like the much less impressive Nijo Castle…

Did you know that 9 out of 10 dentists recommend rainbow colored fluoride-enhanced Colgate?   Burning radioactive rubbish, moreover, is no big deal folks.  There are far bigger issues like North Korea and global warming.

Eye know the Pyramid is much older than a mere 4,500 years.

Thoth told me so.