On page 23 of Cremo & Thompson’s The Hidden History of the Human Race, we meet a “Carved Shell From the Red Crag, England”, a 2.5 million year old carved shell with an “unmistakably human face”.  The authors write:

One should keep in mind that in terms of conventional paleoanthropological opinion, one does not encounter such works of art until the time of fully modern Cro-Magnon man in the Late Pleistocene, about 30,000 years ago.

The book in question is full of such examples.  It is a catalog heresy guys like Richard Dawkins would love to incinerate.

Who is right?  Darwinists or Cremo, who believes humans are not the result of evolution from lower life forms, but the product of devolution from a higher, lighter, spiritual home?

If only one  exhibit of Cremo’s catalog of heresy is correct, he is onto something big in this–NWO-ocean of lies.

Fossils have not been found below 16,000 feet below the surface the Earth and yet the oil majors find “fossil fuel” at 30,000 feet and more below the surface of the Earth.  Besides, Richard, 9/11 is a Mossad Job, not a Caveman Job.