Once you get used to it, barefoot walking is pleasurable.  Showering in feel good endorphins–oh yeah bring you umbrella!   Free reflexology sessions–if you say so.  Better posture–is that why I’m sitting straight now?

Overall sense of well being as those muscles you let atrophy, after years of wearing heavy shoes, awaken and strengthen.  Soles directly touching Earth.  Why don’t the conspiracy channels cover this one?  Guess that’s why the KO is online.

For those times when I have to wear shoes, I scored a pair of Vibram Five Fingers the other day.  I thought I was cool with my Merrell Vibrams.   Now I think they’re cumbersome and a pain in the ass, and everywhere else.  Might come in handy, though, for the occasional wintertime visit to the Snow Country.

If you’re going to start barefoot walking, just like with sungazing, start slowly.