They’ve got the bigger army,

         but there are more men in this camp.

Ezra Pound, Canto X


If I’m not mistaken the Israeli’s name is Tsadok Yecheskeli.  The interview, I believe, took place in February 1997 in Toronto.

In 1984, Communist Kanada nailed Ernst to a crucifix, based on an English law (which the UK eliminated in 1887), a year 1275 Statute of Westminster, Scandalum Magnatum, for publishing a pamphlet he didn’t write, aside from the introduction and conclusion.  It was the beginning of Zundel’s Dark of Night of the Soul.  He now lives muzzled in the Black Forest.

The Teleprompter Messiah on the last day of last year, killed the last remnants of freedom in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, when he signed NDAA 2012.  Barry and the Boys can now disappear or kill any Amerikan they want anytime.  The world yawns.  But for expressing an opinion, in the NWO, certain men go to jail…often for years.



All based on this farce

and other such lies of mass deception.

Meanwhile, Ezra sits in the cage and awaits his flight to St Elizabeths.