O mortal who complainst of death and fate,
Accuse none of the harms thyself hast called;
This troubled world thou hast chosen for thy home,
Thou art thyself the author of thy pain.

excerpted from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, page 454

The Haarpie Queen, Leuren Moret, nailed it right at the beginning of this ongoing catastrophe: the meltdowns started 45 minutes after the cooling systems failed.  The sick fucks at the top of the pyramid in Japan, as well as at the UN’s precious IAEA/WHO also knew precisely what happened.  Pluto’s sex friend, Areva CEO Atomic Anne knew too.  Hall of Shame awards also to BHP-Billiton and Cameco executives.

At least Con goes on the record as saying the best energy option for Japan means at minimum, no nuke plants–at all.  Kan has a scintilla of a conscience, unlike his plutonium-addicted successor, Nada Noda.