To name Japan’s experimental financial black hole fast breeder reactor, “Monju”, after the bodhisattva of transcendent wisdom, mirrors these interest-bearing MOX-fueled insane times of ours.

The world economy is based on the power-seeking lie of the banksters–“We have what you desperately need.”–who make the money outta of nothing based on your promise to pay them, the banksters, principal plus interest.  Just as interest-bearing debt–fuck-off Jubilee!–grows every day, so too does the amount of life-destroying plutonium.

Best to hide this corporate welfare Earth-despising suicide machine with this Manjusri Kumara (bodhisattva of wisdom), India, Pala dynesty, 9th century, stone, Honolulu Academy of Arts.jpgwise-guy mask.

Keep repeating nuclear power’s four great lies-

  • it is safe
  • it is cheap
  • it is clean
  • the best means to fight satanic carbon dioxide

and you’ll have the TV-addicted sheeple on your side.

Potential geothermal superpower, Earth-friendly high-tech paradise, Japan, insists on its right to plutonium-assisted mass suicide instead.