Nada Noda & Company are desperate to re-start Japan’s nukes because they all know Japan can easily survive the summer without any of the country’s ionizing suicide machines on; they all have a face to save.   A year ago, the nukers and their minions all shouted “Japan is doomed without nuke plants.”   They’re all idled now and there are no power shortages.  Yet no one has noticed the contradiction.

As insurance policy Nada Noda & Company shriek Japan’s next hot summer, now just around the corner, guarantees we’re going to be short of electricity.  Repeat ad nauseam and the sheeple start believing.  Yep, there’s no way around our unfortunate dilemma: Ohi must be re-started.  Long live our plutonium dreams!

Japan and the rest of the world have learned absolutely nothing as Volcano Fukushima continues spewing its invisible poison around the world.