Totally overcast skies yesterday and Monday’s partial lunar eclipse not visible from our command post.  Before going to bed last night eye prayed to Venus and Apollo for decent observing conditions and that’s what we got today.  The Venus Transit of 2012 was a spectacular show that reminds me of how tiny we are here on Earth in spite of humanity’s super-inflated nescient ego.

Venus is about the same size as Earth and watching our twin cross the Sun as a tiny dot reminds you of Horton Hears a Who or this video –

But as old Krishnamurti says, “You are the world and the world is you.”  Physically speaking, where are the boundaries between that body you think is yours and the Sun, Venus, the Moon and the Andromeda galaxy?  Just as there is only one ocean and one land mass here on Earth, you are one with the entire universe.   That body that you think is exclusively you couldn’t exist without the Sun, the Earth and the rest of the Milky Way galaxy.

The fundamental problem of Powers of Ten is that it doesn’t consider the observer.  Just who is it that is observing all this?  Materialistic science says the seat of consciousness is in the meatball we call the brain.  Doug Harding’s tunnel (and other experiments) demonstrates you are much grander than what any materialist thinks.  After all, the matter that makes matter matter, still hasn’t been discovered even though the machine that supposedly will find out–LHR–has been up and running for while.  The Spirit-recognizing man doesn’t “make a jump” when postulating qualitative Oneness as the basis of All; the particle accelerator fantasy reductionist guy is the one that does.