And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

Book of Esther, 8:17


Emilia: I will be hanged if some eternal villain,

                Some busy and insinuating rogue,

                Some cogging, cozening slave, to get some office,

                Have not devised this slander.  I will be hanged else.

Iago:  Fie, there is no such man!  It is impossible.

Shakespeare’s Othello, Act IV.2


The first time eye heard someone mention possible Israeli involvement in 9-11 was a about a month after the event.  Peak Oil salesman, Mike Ruppert, made a video called “Truth and Lies of 9-11”.  In the Q & A section someone asks him whether he thinks Israel had a hand in the crime.  Rude mechanical Ruppert immediately says no.  (Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty was also a mistake, right, Mike?)

Fast forward a few years and Victor Thorn of the late Wing TV Show wrote a book alleging Israel masterminded 9-11.  Never read it but now know the two–Thorn and Bollyn–hate each other.  Mike Collins Piper and Bollyn also despise each other.  Daryl Bradford Smith and Bollyn had a falling out a long time ago.

Mike Delaney, if memory serves correctly, credits his 9-11 film to the research of Bollyn.  So eye finally checked out the book (now available at Amazon) and have come to realize it is the best 9-11 book out there.

The question isn’t How They Did It.   9-11’s most important question is Who Did It?  And Bollyn’s book answers by examining the evidence and naming names.  If you’re looking for kosher certification, you most certainly won’t find it here.

The world we take for granted is built on lies.  Anyone benefiting from life in the matrix would be advised not to walk into the office with Bollyn’s book.   In the world’s largest whorehouse, Bordello Potomac, being seen with this book would be career suicide.

But facts are facts and anyone with functioning brain cells knows the official 9-11 fairy tale is a total fabrication.  Take the smoking gun of Judge Hellerstein’s denial of justice for the families of 9-11 victims.  Not one 9-11 defendant, such as the Israeli company, ICTS, has met their accusers in a court of law.  Instead, the families, in the wake of Hellerstein’s war of attrition, have all accepted lump sums of silencing money, courtesy Kenny Feinberg, and lifetime SSRI prescriptions.  The only holdout, as far as eye know, is Ellen Mariani.

You all know about Treyvon and Troy Davis but have never heard of Mark Bavis because you are a highly expendable extra in a Steven Speilberg-directed, Abe Foxman-produced, Ed Bernays Studios Production movie.

A couple of years ago when former director of studies at the US Army War College, Alan Sabrosky, appeared on Mark Glenn’s Ugly Truth radio show, eye believe the host and guest predicted within a couple of years, when more and more Amerikans would come to know Mossad did 9-11, all hell would break loose and justice would meet the real criminals behind 9-11, not the Guantanamo Bay water boarding champions of the world, above all, “Khalid Sheik Mohammed”.   Well, that time has come and gone and Amerikans are still asleep at the wheel and heading for a rendezvous at the Smithfield Packing House.

The world is so twisted these days the so-called 9-11 Truth Movement is another Bernaysian distraction.  Who gives a fuck whether they used planes or holograms?  Was it nukes, space-based energy weapons, or thermite?  Eye don’t care!  Eye want to know WHO DID IT.  And if you want to know too, eye suggest you get a hold of Bollyn’s book.

Not a good interview–Rense spends too much time on the 9-11 how they did it instead of the most important 9/11 who did it–and if you’re short of time go to the second extract from an interview from a couple of years ago.


Bugsy Siegel builds Las Vegas

related, especially from 05:26-06:42

9 June 2012 update: Here is Bollyn speaking more freely (May 2012) than during the above Rense interview.  There are, alas, plenty of commercials, which, you can easily deal with by fast forwarding.   But the best thing is to buy the books, starting with his newly published