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Size don’t mean shit and one reason Israel attacked the USS Liberty, on 8 June 1967, was for the symbolic effect.   They had meant to sink the ship, but mirroring the spiritual resistance of the American Republic, still slightly measurable at the time, she didn’t go down.

Israel’s war on the Adams/Jefferson vision continued, however, and on 11 September 2001, Mossad insisted the Towers had to fall–and so they did, via Operation Judy Wood.  Mike Chertoff’s Orwellian termed “Patriot Act” was signed into law by Boy Bush six weeks later just like traitorous Woody Wilson, during winter solstice 1913, gave America’s bloodstream to that usurious vampire, Paul Warburg, the creature from Jekyll Island.

Ten years after Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert’s pre-911 (September 10th) visit to NYC, the Teleprompter Messiah signs Dracula’s NDAA 2012.   Aside from blogs here and there, liberty has sunk below the waters.

Anyone check out the controlled demolition of Ron (Rand) Paul?   Just like the BBC’s Jane Standley reported the collapse of Building 7 before it actually did, many reported the controlled demolition of the Ron Paul fantasy before it happened.

Any “hero” who pushes the wackiest 9-11 conspiracy theory out there–an Arab caveman did it–is either stupid or milking a Rothschild cashcow.