Here is a typical example of the avalanche of Kali Yuga TV Dinner journalism, anyone with a scintilla of intelligence knows is worth less than your morning bowel movement.  Within one word or less you know the article you have in front of you is a waste of time.  You therefore go straight to the comments hoping to read something not born in Geryon’s rectum.  Les Visible, in contrast, writes about life on MOX-fueled, Corexit-flavored, Round-Up Ready, SSRI-enhanced Planet Rothschild like no other.*  You read the comments after you read the rant.

File:Snodgrass common household roaches.png

My favorite cockroaches are those “spiritual” types, the ones into “consciousness raising” we hear about in this rant.  They’re well fed, well traveled, well educated types, but amongst the daftest of the daft.  They demonize carbon dioxide and laugh at those who read the Daily Mail; they fall prey to teleprompter messiahs, however, and their absurd conspiracy theories, the greatest of which, in recent times, is the one that says an Arab caveman did 9-11.  Dual citizen Israelis in high office at Bordello Potomac mean nothing but the delete button.  Fukushima and usury represent negative thinking for these memes and they just want to be positive.

*He doesn’t get the HIV/AIDS hoax yet, and therefore, someone should introduce him to Pete Duesberg.