While Volcano Fukushima continues spewing its invisible horror show as the world’s worst industrial catastrophe to date, Japan, contrary to what many non-Japanese think, couldn’t give a fuck.  There are pockets of resistance to Nada Noda’s insistence on re-starting the country’s suicide machines, and among celebrities we should toast Taro Yamamoto because of his anti-nuke stance (that has cost him his celebrity status), but the bulk of the population simply want to be happy in this materialistic plane of pleasure and pain.  Fukushima isn’t cute.  AKB48 is–and last week’s election to decide the super girlie group’s most popular idol, Yuko Oshima, took the attention of the nation.

Japan could follow Iceland’s example and become a geothermal superpower, but it is a Usurious Soviets of Amerika colony and must comply with the policy of self-destruction.