Japan has learned nothing from the ongoing Volcano Fukushima eruption, as well as the ongoing Chernobyl catastrophe.   You’d think there would be millions on the streets of Earth’s largest megalopolis protesting this insane move, but that is not the case.   The Germans, the Swiss, the Italians, and the Sardinians used their noodles and told nuclear power to take a hike, but the Japanese, so proud of themselves and their suicidal ways, insist on business as usual.   Radioactive sushi and nori taste better, a kind of super-enhanced MSG.

Can’t be too harsh on Japan, though, because it is not an independent country like Israel.  It is a sycophantic member of the MOX-fueled New World Order, and as such, it has no choice.  Nuclear power is an international conspiracy involving uranium producing nations like Australia and Canada, MOX traffickers like Atomic Anne’s Areva, nuclear power sluts like Amerika’s Teleprompter Messiah, President Barry Soetoro, the UN and its precious IAEA/WHO.   When the Friendly Atom blows, Japan swallows.

Nada Noda knows that constantly lying to the nation about Japan being fucked this summer without nuclear power is the way to convince the masses that Ohi needs to be turned on soon.  If all the nuke plants were turned off this summer, it would prove this country absolutely doesn’t depend on fissioning South Australian and Saskatchewan uranium.   Just as the trains and so on are operating as they always have done–without nuclear power now–they would continue doing so this summer without any nuke plants on.  Nada Noda and company have faces to save and are determined to lead the way to a bright suicidal future for this nation in which, on any given day, at least 82 of its citizens snuff themselves out–often on JR rail tracks.

Japan is determined to destroy itself and deny its natural geothermal potential.  Radioactive waste will be taken care of by patriotic Japanese of the future.  Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups, though.

On a positive note, if you’re seeking to improve your RP, shadow along with pretty Kanako Sachno, as she reads her ionizing and usurious lines.

Long live the Queen!   Jubilee for Her Majesty but none for Planet Deuteronomy’s Smithfield Packing House-bound cattle.