Midsummer Greetings to All.

While His Majesty the Light of the World starts His journey back south, it would be worthwhile thinking on the things that keep us sane on this increasingly insane Planet Geryon.

Go ahead and worship your terrestrial monarchs, and your teleprompter messiahs.  Eye know who the Sol sovereign is and that One is up in the sky every day.   Earth’s only savior is the Sun of God and if you worship Him you shall be saved.

Ignorant Earthlings tell you authoritatively not to stare at the Sun.   If you do so, you’ll go blind they say (just like your mama told you about wanking).  But eye’ll tell you differently: sungazing, using HRM’s gradual method, is not only safe, it is necessary because you stimulate the pineal gland.  When you do that, you’ll connect a little bit every day with your Maker–and that’s something anyone seeking to keep their nuts and bolts in place in these insane times should consider.

The Japanese have the Sun parked in the middle of their flag but that doesn’t mean Japan is a Sun worshipping nation.   (There are still signs it used to be–family grave visits coincide with the equinoxes and solstices.)  It isn’t: it’s a nation that worships death.  It hates itself so much it is doing everything it can to destroy itself.

Those 83 or so Japanese who snuff themselves out daily scream that this country is cuckoo and is violently turning away from the geothermal-powered, let’s jump in the 温泉, seafood paradise it could be and quickly becoming a nuclear waste trashcan.   TEPCO’s Lucky Island officially dumps a thousand tons of radioactive water into the Pacific every day, but from this week, Fukushima seafood is for sale again.  Sushi and green tea are two things that remind you of the Japan that used to be; today, the country as a whole couldn’t give a fuck it’s contaminating its own food supply and DNA–and the rest of the world’s–with life-destroying radioactive isotopes.

The Italians are far more Japanese than the so-called nature-loving Japanese, because, for one thing, they have far more leisure and time outside, under the sky and sun.  Because they connect with the natural world more than Japanese they voted out nuclear power, when the Japanese should have been the first to do so in the days and months after this still ongoing catastrophe that started on 3-11.

Among the quote unquote advanced nations of the world, Japan experiences the longest working week, slightly ahead of its peers in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika.   The workload isn’t about to be lightened, the government has huge expenditures–Fukushima’s taxpayer-funded clean-up will go on for decades–and so the consumption tax on everything for sale will soon go up to 10% from the present 5%.   You will see more suicides than the already alarming figures show, as more people conclude that life is meaningless and throwing yourself in front of the 08:18 Osaka-bound JR 新快速 is the best option to deal with the problem.

Don’t let anyone convince you Japan is safe.  It ain’t.   It’s dangerous for your health, or at least it is for the locals who slave away under fluorescent lights all day.  Everyone from students through salarymen at the famous companies, to seniors trying to survive by getting exploited at the nation’s millions of convenience stores.  And then every year, as William Milberry points out, many full-time workers must line up for mandatory chest x-rays and a mouthful of barium, as if the chemtrails weren’t bad enough.   Not to worry, though, because Namie Amuro is in town and we all just wanna be happy.

You might think your correspondent is just another ex-pat Jap basher with nothing better to do than start a blog dedicated to this fine art.   Such is not the case.   Like many others, we’re partly economic refugees who’ve found niches in the bleachers here at Koshien Stadium.   It’s not too bad observing the daily madness from the cheap seats.  You miss a lot of the perks, but you learn to count your blessings with life at the bottom of the totem pole.

Blessings like being able to read “Shakespeare”.   Eye make it an annual event, at this time of year, to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of 37 plays you reach for in your BBC (not a totally Zionist propaganda unit) Complete Shakespeare–at 57 quid, still almost like stealing it.

When Oberon awakens Titania from her herb-induced trance, with another counteracting herb, the first thing she says is “My Oberon, what visions I have seen./Methinks I was enamored of an ass.”  Eye am reminded of our sugar-plum Justin Bieber New World Order visions.  Take politics.  In recent times, the biggest ass many of us have been enamored of has been President Barry Soetoro.  Sure, many have awakened from their ass-licking slumbers, but many remain totally deluded because the point for these sycophants is that their man or woman is in office, and that’s the only thing that counts.

Bread and circuses.  As long as we can milk a Rothschild cash cow and pay for the rent and cover our weekend booze bingeing and entertainment, all’s hunky dory–or so with think.  So we think because down inside, many of know something is profoundly wrong with life on MOX-fueled, hemp-hating, carbon-demonizing Planet Rothschild.  We know it’s wrong to sell our souls to the Devil in order to make ends meet, but everyone else is doing it and so if the boat goes down with me in it, it’s comforting knowing everyone else is in it too.

But getting back to the point of this midsummer 2012 rant: how to maintain sanity in these ionizing times.   Eye’m not expecting the so-called advanced industrialized countries to arrest their blood-drinking banksters, like super-advanced Iceland has done recently.   That means the interest-bearing suffering of mankind will increase and the thinking individual will only be left the option of personal salvation as the only way out of this mess.

Eye’m a big Doug Harding fan, as well as of his predecessor, Sri Aurobindo.   Along with the outward ways of maintaining sanity–decent diet, exercise, having a good juicer, barefoot walking, chlorella–the most important thing that isn’t a thing is to swim in the other half of existence, the One.  Harding’s experiments show the way to Aurobindo’s Pure Existent.

The New World Order is purely materialistic.   It convinces you that all that exists is what you perceive with your five senses.  Your computer, your glasses and contacts, the clock on the wall, the book you read, your birthday present phallic crystal, to the stars and galaxies in the Local Group and beyond.  Yet who perceives this all?

Eye do, the Sol beyond the physical sol, the Hebrew ayin.

Eye am not time-bound and herein lies our salvation.  The world out there looks increasingly hopeless.  The Japanese are light years away from pulling off an Iceland on TEPCO executives and their well-greased political whores and lawyers.  The only hope is to inhale and exhale the Eternal.  Get used to it, understand that It and not this or that lasts forever.

We may not make it this cycle.  We just might nuke ourselves into oblivion.  Either that or we choke on our own petrochemical and radioactive shit and piss in the near future.  It’s not a good time to be young, as an expat wedding priest told me recently.

Identify not with that which perishes, but that which is forever.  Get a compass and do geometry because it eases you into eternal forms-circles, triangles, squares, pentagrams, hexagrams, heptagrams, octograms, enneagrams…and thereby helps you remember who you are.  Read Sri Aurobindo’s Life Divine and Savitri because no one in recent times has gone as high as he has.  The mystic poem, Savitri, in particular, is necessary reading for our endeavor because it helps you find that much larger identity you’ve ignored all these years on Planet Rothschild.   Hell, we read, is just as much part of the Divine Plan as anything else.

John Michell has done wonders in writing about how this world is an Archmason-created paradise–as above so below.  But until further notice, the present Kali Yuga, still nowhere near its completion, is running amok.  The things that drive you nuts will only intensify as the days, months and years roll by which is why you must worship the sun and the Sun behind the sun.